Thursday, October 05, 2006

He Hate Me

The Final Countdown

There are 33 days until the 2006 election.

That means there are about 67 days until I make my (hopefully) triumphant return to Brown to relive my long-lost college days. Since I've been gone*, I have been keeping up with the goings-ons primarily through the BDH. Reading this article yesterday made me particular Brown-sick:
The life and times of a Jo's employee

JWU students tell all about late-night dining

"...[A Jo's employee] added: "Some of these Brown students are complete wackos... And some are assholes, but you know what, they make the job fun."

Each cook eagerly imparted numerous stories about encounters with Brown students while on the job.

"Last year, a guy walked in (wearing) a penis costume, and he was just running around, and then right after that happened I (saw) two girls kiss and then right after that, the fire alarm went off," Robinson said. "Just like that, in one sequence. It was hilarious." (BDH, 10/2/06)

I remember that night fondly. Not surprisingly, the guy wearing the penis costume was one of Eddie's pledges.

From what I can tell, these are the top developments since we've graduated:
And now, just other things that entertain me:
  • From the Asheville, North Carolina Citizen-Times Newspaper:

    credit: Special to the Citizen-Times
    Someone vandalized the Madison County Republican Headquarters on Sunday, authorities said.

    Does anyone think its weird that the Republican Headquarters is a mobile home?

  • Don't even get me started on the Mark Foley scandal. I assume everyone knows by now about the Republican congressman who had to resign after his "inappropriate" IMs and e-mails to high school staffers were exposed. But seriously, read these gems from one of these IMs (Maf54 is Foley, the teen's screen name is redacted):

    [redacted screenname] (7:41:57 PM): ugh tomorrow i have the first day of lacrosse practice
    Maf54 (7:42:27 PM): love to watch that
    Maf54 (7:42:33 PM): those great legs running

    Maf54 (8:08:31 PM): get a ruler and measure it for me
    [redacted screenname] (8:08:38 PM): ive already told you that
    Maf54 (8:08:47 PM): tell me again
    [redacted screenname] (8:08:49 PM): 7 and 1/2
    Maf54 (8:09:04 PM): ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    Maf54 (8:09:08 PM): beautiful
    [redacted screenname] (8:09:38 PM): lol
    Maf54 (8:09:44 PM): thats a great size
    [redacted screenname] (8:10:00 PM): thank you
    Maf54 (8:10:22 PM): still stiff
    [redacted screenname] (8:10:28 PM): ya
    Maf54 (8:10:40 PM): take it out
    [redacted screenname] (8:10:54 PM): mom is yelling

    [redacted screenname] (8:16:53 PM): well i better go finish my hw...i just found out from a friend that i have to finish reading and notating a book for AP english

    Believe it or not that's the PG version. That just makes this commercial even more awesome:

    That's bad, Foley's gotta go.

  • I told y'all these squirrels are aggressive and hungry. From MSNBC:
    A squirrel tried to wrestle a muffin away from a 4 year old boy by biting and scratching him... as many as six people have been attacked by these squirrels in Mountainview California parks...
    First Uncrustables, then the world.

  • And finally from the makers of Grand Theft Auto, Rockstar Games presents... Table Tennis (seriously). From the site:
    "Experience the unmatched intensity of the real-life sport with an authentic physics engine and intuitive gameplay that mimics the exhilirating experience found in true international competition."


Blogger monco said...

yeah they've called me twice on blog stuff. but they misquoted me in that first article. made me seem like a pompous asshole. i was saying that because personal blogs are perceived as trivial people ignore them, and that is exactly why no one notices that they are the lifeblood of the blogosphere!

oh well.

4:38 PM, October 05, 2006  
Blogger He Hate Me said...

Yeah, you did sound prickish. I figured the bright lights and luxurious living of Fancytown went to your head.

6:01 PM, October 05, 2006  
Blogger monco said...

i should have known. the herald manages to misquote me every time i'm in ther somehow. i think they've got some sort of "make nathan seem like an illiterate prick" campaign. lisa, any tips on that?

3:24 PM, October 06, 2006  
Blogger monco said...

heh, notice my spelling in the sentence decrying the herald for making me seem illiterate!

3:25 PM, October 06, 2006  

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