Thursday, November 16, 2006


the end of this post = "time is a bitch"

not many people post to this blog anymore and that is sad. but thankfully there is still liquor and beer to fuel an occasional post.

i've been thinking about matsuzaka, listening to sufjan stevens, watching the new episode of the oc (my room mate like that show. hey paul, thanks for reading, i know you love that thing) and (finally, after 3 months) finishing that book about nostalgia. an unfortunate four way intersection. kind of like the perfect storm. not the real thing, which i was in, mind you. no, like the movie where all the hell on earth converged on the north shore. we just called it "the october no-name storm" but since the book came out we've had no choice but to call it the "perfect storm." oh well. anyway, these things get me thinking about the past. my past. not yours.

will matsuzaka sign with the sox; will i regret that? why each of sufjan's albums remind me of a distinct period of time in the past 2-3 years when i don't really like him all that much? why did svetlana boym have to relate nostalgia to a post-communist immigrant experience? that is nothing i can relate to! this is about my nostalgia! not brodsky's!

this one song reminds me of two years ago today when i was likely sitting in a cinder block walled room at brown staring out my window at another wall - this one made of brick.

i feel like this year's been more continuous than the last few, but how the hell did is get to be almost thanksgiving again?

oh right, because time is a bitch.


Blogger s.a. said...

i agree.

5:36 PM, November 28, 2006  

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